“A swelling number of families globally are experiencing the impact of online gaming addiction. It is not by accident that the World Health Organisation has classified excessive online gaming addiction as mental health disorder.” — Jill in the recent weekend feature article in the Sunday Telegraph, Courier Mail, and other News Corp newspapers. See Jill’s other media appearances.


Parenting can be tough. You feel you have to be constantly vigilant to give your child the chance to have a wonderful life. Jill has helped parents provide rich learning environments at home that help their children at school and beyond. Access Jill’s growing resource page for Parents >


Jill Sweatman

‘My specialty in the education world is helping individuals learn how to learn. I want to give my people an experience of learning – a way of learning they may not receive elsewhere.’


My specialty in the business world is smoothing change. I work closely with management to design a corporate culture of willing engaged people who choose to give the best of themselves.


… Inspire with dignity. Challenge with integrity