Speaking Topics

Speaking Topics

Programs and keynotes for corporate, government and education.

Here is a selection of Jill’s presentation topics. You are welcome to use this as a guide, or mix and match, as each presentation is always customised to the conference theme or your particular needs.

Jill Sweatman is known for her insightful and informative presentations derived from meticulous research. She is a welcome speaker at any event with her inimitable style. Engagingly warm and witty, she demonstrates a special ability to enable each audience member to feel a part of the occasion while still challenging and reflecting upon current thinking. Her messages are long lasting because she has a rare ability to touch her audiences with compelling stories and meaningful examples.

These presentations are guaranteed to stimulate debate, raise some intriguing questions and encourage in each of us the willingness to do and see things a little differently.

Remember, you are always free to call Jill with any question you have.


Education – Schools, Universities, Parent and Community Groups

1. The Neuroscience of Deep Learning – and how to take out the scary bits.

A humorous, yet equally serious look at the brain and how we learn. Recent facts are unquestionably jaw dropping. They are particularly note worthy, when we realise we can do many things to improve our minds. Some are quite revealing yet not hard to implement. Learn 5 ways to improve your mind each day, and have a laugh along the way.

2. Making the Kitchen Table Breathe – turn tears into the love of learning.

kidMore than a little learning stems from the humble kitchen table. Learn how to wipe away the stress and tears of your child and create loving learning. Learning that will stimulate their hungry mind. This presentation brings to the fore Jill’s extensive research into family interactions and its impact on early learning. She describes strategies for reviving the kitchen table as an especially friendly and accepting meeting place for communication and learning.


Neuroscience for learning

Do you like your brain yet? Using neuroscience to enrich learning

How to make you and your people even more productive 

451115203‘Don’t be satisfied with the traditional labels of intelligence.’ Whether your work is in business, education or community service, discover Jill’s exciting research to make you and your people even more special and productive. Learn 3 things your people can do each day to improve understanding, relationships and business outcomes.

Mastering the Art of Disciplining Distractions

multicoloured brainThe Key to Better Decision Making

In this interactive seminar, Neuroscience Strategist in Learning and Development Jill Sweatman will share the latest research and results when even a small degree of focus, decision making and learning is compromised due to the overuse of devices, a selection of distractions or poor nutrition.

There are significant implications in the workplace when a normally high functioning adult attends on any given day with a distracted, tired and overloaded brain.

Research is showing that a lack of focus at critical times in an individual’s development can have a profound and lasting legacy on brain development and learning potential. You will learn about some of these critical times and how to maximise those with your workforce and throughout their challenging and changing current and future careers.


Change, Leadership & Teamwork

Leadership Lessons from the Master – Antarctica

510181321-615x322Antarctica, the great leveller, shows us how leaders and teams are inseparable when dealing with the challenges of the unexpected. One of our greatest legacies is to be a good team player and a good leader, at the same time. Learn the keys to integrating discretionary effort into any situation. Powerful lessons abound in this talk. Jill’s presentation will include images from her expedition to Antarctica.


Customer Service

Magnify the Memories – creating exceptional service.

When you are serious about customer service, you have to consider all the angles. Jill shows those angles. With her rich repertoire of exceptional service stories, Jill informs and entertains. Importantly, she draws the subtleties from these stories and translates them to things we as a business can do every day. The group will leave with 5 significant factors to improve service in your business.

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