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Image by NeON BRANDThe demands on you as a teacher are high—but you’re not a teacher because it’s an easy job! You face ongoing challenges in providing rich learning environments for your students from policy and departmental resource constraints, as well as navigating difficult student behaviour with their parents.

As an educator herself for many years, Jill has helped parents and schools understand how new technologies are impacting developing brains, and how to prevent the antisocial behaviour that can result. Jill’s engaging and informative neuroscience-based keynotes provide school and community groups with the information you need to ensure your students thrive.

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Listen in as I explore the issues facing educators today, and provide neuroscience-based strategies to help your students.

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My Positive Technology Facebook group. We invite you to join and participate in supporting our children and future generations to grow to their potential with skills to learn how to learn, develop a positive digital diet and safe internet use. Every child deserves a healthy brain, healthy life.