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Jill believes that teaching is the most important profession we have in the nation with educators having the enormous responsibility of helping to shape the minds and future of our children.

Jill’s work is aimed at freeing teachers to do what they do best, teach.

Which is why Jill, who has spent many years as an educator, believes that every teacher needs support inside and outside the classroom to help them deal with the ongoing challenges of providing a rich learning environment for students.

These challenges range from policy and departmental resource constraints, as well as navigating difficult behaviour from students and at times parents.

If your educators are in need of support, then reach out to Jill today to ask her how she can help your teachers and students thrive in their learning environment.

People need to listen to Jill Sweatman.

Intelligent and well-informed, Jill speaks into a space that is vital for us to understand, namely, the proper care of our brains.

Used well and trained well, our brain can do the most amazing things. We use but a fraction of its capacity. However, with Jill’s help, we can increase this capacity with a resultant improvement in both performance and wellbeing.

Dr Tim Hawkes OAM,
Ex-Headmaster of The King's School, Parramatta,
Director of Training In Leadership Pty Ltd.,
Co-director of Truwell Wellbeing Program for Teachers

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    Listen in as I explore the issues facing educators today, and provide neuroscience-based strategies to help your students.

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