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There is a sound that has disappeared from our neighbourhoods all over the country, that is the boisterous sounds of children playing, igniting their minds through play with their friends.

Today this sound has evaporated as children spend more and more time inside the home, many stuck in front of screens, disconnected from their families and the outside world.

As many parents have discovered, there is a dark side to this virtual world to which their children have become immersed, with their child spending endless hours staring at screens at the expense of all social interactions.

For some children this will be obsessively playing online games, such as Fortnite, whilst for others they will be on social media, often through the night at the expense of sleep.

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    Every child deserves the opportunity for a healthy brain, healthy life

    The cause of such activity is resulting in some children who are completely withdrawn, some refusing to attend school, whilst for those that do attend their brains are switched off as they struggle to stay awake, let alone learn.

    Parents in this situation often find themselves feeling helpless as they see a once loving child turn into a stranger in front of their eyes, complete with angry outbursts at any attempt to have their screen-time limited.

    Often parents surrender to the tantrums of the child, understandably choosing peace over chaos in the home. This choice however, leaves their child with an uncertain future as their inter-personal skills dissolve, poor behaviour exacerbates, grades fall and general health deteriorates.

    “The choices we are making today won’t seem like choices, until it is too late.”

    Let’s work together to reverse this situation and restore harmony in the home.

    If you are one of these parents, concerned that your child’s use of technology and screens is negatively impacting their life and disrupting the home environment, there is hope.

    4 Steps to Activate Your Child’s Stronger Future

    Step 1.
    Contact Jill

    Call or email Jill to ask any questions and schedule your first session.

    Contact Jill

    Step 2.
    Planning Session

    1½ hours with Jill so she can understand your situation and develop a Healthy Brain Learning Plan.

    Step 3.
    Tutoring Sessions

    1 hour sessions where Jill partners with you to create a rich learning environment at home: tutoring your child with their school work, and helping you adapt.

    Step 4.
    Stronger Future

    Your child is well-adjusted after working on the strategies and interventions to


    As an expert with over 20 years’ experience working as a Learning Specialist and Parent Coach, I have successfully worked with dozens of families, facing these exact issues, helping them to restore balance in the home.

    Working with both parents and their children, we have put into place behavioural change within the home, rebuilding the relationship between parents and child, whilst re-engaging the child in their education.

    There is light, no matter how dark the tunnel and if you need help then do not wait, contact me today. Research shows that excessive and problematic use of technology is doing damage to your child’s brain development.

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