Motivating your Mind, Inspiring your Spirit 2017


Jill is a contributing author to the following publications. These books are filled with tips, techniques and worthwhile stories to support your business, training and education requirements.

Customer Service Excellence

Customer Service Excellence

Jill Sweatman is a contributing author to the book ‘Customer Service Excellence’. “In a world of greater choice and more open competition, the quality of service provided by organisations to their customers is increasingly a differentiating factor. An organisation striving for success based on outstanding staff and service needs a dynamic internal atmosphere, excellent training,…   read more >

Business Strategy

Motivating your mind

This e-book has been compiled from the generous contributions of over 90 Australian, Asian, European, New Zealand, South African, Canadian and United States industry experts, CE0’s, CFO’s, Company Directors, business owners and authors we have known or worked with in the professional education and the MICE* industry.

What to Look For when Hiring a Consultant

Here are some key considerations when hiring an expert consultant rather than a good consultant. These qualities can be critical yet are often overlooked.