What’s Possible with Tech-Free Parenting?


What’s Possible with Tech-Free Parenting?

Jill Sweatman shares a story about a parent who is reaping the rewards of limiting their child’s technology.

Solutions for Technically Peer-Pressured Parents

Jill Sweatman offers solutions for parents feeling the pressure to submit to technology trends.  

Challenges that Educators have today

Jill Sweatman discusses how Educators are challenged by childrens use of technology, and how one school tops the results every year maintaining a ban on student devices.    

The Traps of Being a Lawnmower Parent

The Helicopter Parents have landed. What are the traps of being a Lawnmower Parent?    

Solutions for Redefining Resilience

Jill offers concrete solutions for helping children to become resilient to the distraction presented by technology.

Daddy look in my eyes—Being present

Jill discusses how children let their parents know to be present with them.

Redefining Resilience

Jill is interviewed by Robyn Henderson: how is our childrens’ access to technology impacting their resilience?  

6PR Radio interview: World Health Organisation classifies Gaming Disorder

Jill Sweatman is interviewed on Perth Radio 6PR about WHO’s classification of online gaming disorder.

What Makes Online Games so Addictive?

A boy sitting at a table using an iPad

What Makes Online Games so Addictive? How does the brain react to problematic online gaming use? Is this an epidemic? Follow the $$$ What are some of the elements of compulsion we need to pay attention? What can we do at a time when it matters? Listen below as Jill discusses the crux of the issue.

Fortnite the Video Game – What is All the Fuss About?

A young man holding a video game controller, lit only by the blue hue of a video game screen

Fortnite the Video Game – What is All the Fuss About? What is the real game being played? Looks harmless – but is it? What is happening in the homes of too many families? What is the ‘silent’ addiction? What are some of the early signs of concern for parents? What can parents do? Following…   read more >