How To Ensure Your Senior Student or Child Excels at Their 2021 Maths Exam


How To Ensure Your Senior Student or Child Excels at Their 2021 Maths Exam

Would you like to give your child simple strategies to give them their best shot at gaining top marks in their mathematics exam this year? It’s all about knowing these 3 smart ways to succeed in mathematics exam revision. As major exams loom large, the need to think differently about how we approach the inevitable revision…   read more >

Are You Perpetuating the Myth that You are Not Good at Maths?

What if I could prove to you that you are great at maths and you have been living a lie? Many potential leaders and successful business owners are sabotaging their career and business potential success by believing in the Myths of Maths. These jeopardising beliefs must stop today, and this article will show you how…   read more >

Are You Paying Attention to, or Ignoring, the Signs that Your Child May Need Help Academically?

10 tell-tale signs that you child may benefit from a tutor. Circumstances change in every home and with every child, whether that child would benefit from some support academically or whether that child is gifted and would benefit from being extended and further challenged. Are we paying attention to the signs that may indicate a…   read more >

How will You Speak with Your Child about COVID-19?

Brain Whisper Tip #4. How to answer sensitive questions. This is more complex than it may first appear. School principal, Andrew Oberthur, reminds us of the analogy, “We are flying the plane as we build it”. You as a parent are creating a new normal on a daily/hourly basis. This Brain Whisper Tip is to…   read more >

Top 3 Homeschooling Tips

A pushy newcomer by the name of ‘HomeSchooling’ has thrust its way to the top of your To Do List – where do you start? Our world today creates a milestone in this generation’s academic career – the first time children in Australia have been faced with school closures due to health concerns relating to…   read more >

Radio interview: Are in-game purchases creating gambling addictions in children?

A report out of the UK shows betting is being normalised through gaming. Radio 6PR’s Karl O’Callaghan spoke to Jill about his own experience with his kids playing games such as Fortnite and Black Ops. She posed the question, “how long do you want your children immersed in violence?”

Phone addiction in children is like drug abuse

We are living in a giant uncontrolled experiment with a generation of Australian children growing up exposed to an addictive technology. This article first appeared in the Daily Telegraph.

Would you like to improve your relationship with your child’s teacher?

As a parent, it is often hard to have the degree of contact and the type of relationship that one may wish to enhance your child’s potential in any given class. Equally, as a teacher, it is frequently difficult to have the opportunity and the level of engagement with a parent to make a difference…   read more >

Do you recognise we are living in a huge uncontrolled experiment?

Man blowing fire in a warehouse

One which may be having adverse effects on the structure of the brain. It is imperative that we become aware of the signs and changes in our thinking and behaviours to mitigate potential concerns, before irreversible damage is done. These changes become even more critical in our children. Science is proving that the result of…   read more >

Do you really know the hidden cost of video games?

Blue brain & motherboard

Are video games just that, games? Are online games, like Fortnite, ‘just kids having fun’? Is the World Health Organisation being dramatic declaring video gaming as a mental health disorder in June 2018? And can we afford to dismiss this compulsion to game on-line as ‘just a phase’? On the eve of 60 Minutes going…   read more >