Are we making the right choices?


Are we making the right choices?

In conversation with Suzi Petrozzi on her Empowered Conversations podcast, about research, real-life experiences and recommendations when it comes to children and technology. We speak to the question: What choices are we making for our children today when it comes to technology and what can we as parents or carers do to ensure that our…   read more >

Phone addiction in children is like drug abuse

We are living in a giant uncontrolled experiment with a generation of Australian children growing up exposed to an addictive technology. This article first appeared in the Daily Telegraph.

What’s Possible with Tech-Free Parenting?

Jill Sweatman shares a story about a parent who is reaping the rewards of limiting their child’s technology.

Solutions for Technically Peer-Pressured Parents

Jill Sweatman offers solutions for parents feeling the pressure to submit to technology trends.  

Challenges that Educators have today

Jill Sweatman discusses how Educators are challenged by childrens use of technology, and how one school tops the results every year maintaining a ban on student devices.    

Solutions for Redefining Resilience

Jill offers concrete solutions for helping children to become resilient to the distraction presented by technology.

Daddy look in my eyes—Being present

Jill discusses how children let their parents know to be present with them.

Redefining Resilience

Jill is interviewed by Robyn Henderson: how is our childrens’ access to technology impacting their resilience?