Homeschooling Webinar: Science meets Practicality


Homeschooling Webinar: Science meets Practicality

Award winning Educators and Authors Jill Sweatman, Andrew Oberthur, and Allan Parker OAM are back and bring you a session on “The little things that matter” that you can do to increase learning and calm tension in your home. The impact of little word Make things simple and easier How to learn together When to…   read more >

Suzi Petrozzi interview: are we making the right screen time choices for our children today?

The screen time choices that parents make influence their children’s brains and the family’s home life. Clinical psychologist Suzi Petrozzi interviews Jill about how screen time is shaping our children’s lives. Is screen time genuinely passive entertainment or are our children unwittingly being influenced by Youtube and other platforms’ algorithms? In the conversation you will…   read more >

Advice for parents new to homeschooling from a learning expert, a school principal, and a behavioural coach

Jill discusses tactics for new homeschooling parents with leading behavioural coach and speaker Allan Parker, and dynamic school principal Andrew Oberthur.

How will You Speak with Your Child about COVID-19?

Brain Whisper Tip #4. How to answer sensitive questions. This is more complex than it may first appear. School principal, Andrew Oberthur, reminds us of the analogy, “We are flying the plane as we build it”. You as a parent are creating a new normal on a daily/hourly basis. This Brain Whisper Tip is to…   read more >

Top 3 Homeschooling Tips

A pushy newcomer by the name of ‘HomeSchooling’ has thrust its way to the top of your To Do List – where do you start? Our world today creates a milestone in this generation’s academic career – the first time children in Australia have been faced with school closures due to health concerns relating to…   read more >