The following outline some of the services offered for particular sectors.

Families and Community sectors

“My speciality with families and communities is restoring harmony and improving relationships through communication. With my neuroscience knowledge, I work closely with both parents and their children to identify the real problem/s creating the disharmony and disruption”.

  • Identify the problems creating the disharmony within the family/community unit.
  • Monitor the technology use of both the children and the parents.
  • Engage the family/community in potential options for positive change.
  • Secure commitment from all parties for implementation.
  • Monitor progress and milestones with families and communities.


Corporate and Government sectors

‘My specialty in the business world is smoothing change. I work closely with management to design a corporate culture of willing engaged people who choose to give the best of themselves.’

  • Design and conduct cultural change strategies
  • Design and facilitate workshops in change
  • Corporate culture needs analysis
  • Executive coaching
  • Employee engagement
  • Talent development


University & Education sectors

‘My specialty in the education world is helping individuals learn how to learn. I want to give my people an experience of learning – a way of learning they may not receive elsewhere.’

  • Lecture and Research in the fields of neuroscience and learning methods
  • Design and conduct research
  • Lecture in business communication and education methodologies
  • Mentor international and local students
  • Research and write in the field of education and neuroscience
  • Advise on academic and extracurricular activities

Lecture topics include: neuroscience, public speaking & presentation skills, negotiation, international business meeting etiquette, communication profiling, corporate culture, change management and leadership