Exemplary Manners Maketh the Leader

Exemplary Manners Maketh the Leader


Genuine consideration for another is not an act of compromise but rather a powerful demonstration of our purpose. Being true to our essence. It is a sign of substantiated strength and identifiable sophistication. A departure from mere ego into wisdom.

The use of considered manners is about our standards and how well we wish to communicate. Good manners are a gift that will make an appreciable difference in every life you touch.

There is one thing I observe constantly, more thoughtful manners and courtesies that truly reflect one’s essence are critically needed They are required to inject greater humanity and caring in the workplace and public at large. In some circles there is so little of it, you are bound to make an impact.

Part of a leader’s armoury needs to include an acute awareness of good manners.
And a keen commitment to model those for others to see.

Never be embarrassed or shy to extend courtesies. Be proud of your standards, in any forum.

In many cultures, we are losing the now ‘uncommon’ kindnesses and thoughtfulness that once was an everyday occurrence.

New Year Resolutions may have already lost their punch or be considered passé by others. Yet one could imagine that the desire to achieve and succeed this year and beyond is still top of mind for each of us, especially in these troubled times. We may also choose to work in an environment that abounds with pleasant, energised and appreciative people.

Why is it worthwhile to make frequent deposits in your Reputation Bank?
Firstly, our most important asset is our reputation. In times of crisis, sometimes all that stands by us is our reputation. Just as we encourage our children to make frequent deposits into their bank account and allow it accrue with compound interest, watch as your Reputation Bank balance builds value. Observe, without expectation, the deposits others will make straight into your account to multiply your balance many fold.

There is no time like the present to make some minor adjustments or enhancements that exponentially augment everything we do. When people perceive us as courteous and considered, this will always lead to better business relationships and engender stronger leadership qualities.

“What you are will show in what you do.” Thomas A. Edison

People may not remember what you say, or even what you do, but people will always remember how you made them feel. One of the easiest and most efficient ways to effect that is to extend considered manners. People remember those who are thoughtful, kind and gracious. Speaker, Patricia Fripp, once said, “The people who matter, notice”. They surely do. Never underestimate the power of your inbuilt principled courtesies. Let them extend alone. Let them flow in any environment, at work, in public and, especially at home. Being a splendid role model with kind and notable manners at home will say a great deal about you.

A little can go a long way when one is courteous and community minded. It is my experience that people will turn themselves inside out to help, if they are made to feel significant and valued.
Your reputation is your greatest asset. With exemplary manners you will be enriched to see evidence of the power it creates.

Written by Jill Sweatman


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