Tutoring and Parent Coaching

Tutoring and Parent Coaching

Ensuring your child does well at school by supporting their schoolwork and creating a rich learning and nurturing environment at home is job #1 for you as a parent, after first attending to your child’s welfare.

Some children just need help keeping on track with their homework, while others need extra help to minimise distractions, establish sound learning routines, or to focus on a particular element of studies. Yet always, a child will benefit from Jill’s insights and love of education.

As a parent you may not have all the answers nor have as much time as you may like to devote to your child’s progress at school.

Jill works with a portfolio of children and their parents, to set up a solid learning foundation through regular child tutoring sessions. Jill partners with the parents too, to help them make small adjustments to the household’s routine that can make a significant difference to their child’s development. The close association she has with parents is part of the success she can create through patience, caring and understanding.

Jill’s speciality is to inspire the lifelong skill of ‘learning how to learn’.

The 4 Steps to Help Your Child Succeed

Contact Jill

Call or email Jill to ask any questions and schedule your first session.

Planning Session

1½ hours consultation with Jill so she can understand your family situation, your child’s background and together develop a Healthy Brain Learning Plan.

Tutoring Sessions

1 hour sessions where Jill tutors your child with their school work, and helps you adapt, where required. She will partner with you to create a practical and tailored learning environment within the home.

Stronger Future

Your child will be more confident and better-adjusted after working on the strategies and interventions to create an ongoing pathway of improvement.

If you want to give your child a Stronger Future, contact Jill to discuss coaching availability.

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    Every child deserves the opportunity for a healthy brain, healthy life

    About Jill Sweatman

    As an expert with over 30 years’ experience working as a teacher, Learning Specialist and Parent Coach, I have successfully worked with dozens of families, facing these exact issues, helping them to restore balance in the home and improve academic results.

    Working with both parents and their children, we have put in place behavioural change within the home, rebuilding the relationship between parents and child, whilst re-engaging the child in their education.

    There is light, no matter how dark the tunnel and if you need help then do not wait, contact me today.

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