Are We Still Celebrating Optimism and Change Online?


Are We Still Celebrating Optimism and Change Online?

Someone unseen, typing on a laptop

Are We Still Celebrating Optimism & Change Online? What happened to the good intentions of the internet? What are the business models that drive compulsion? Comments on Tristan Harris and Yuval Harari and their views on our future.

Are you hackable?

Endless computer code on a screen

Are You Hackable? Do you realise you have a ‘click pattern’ and what does it say about you? At what price is naivety? What can we do to uphold ethics in our communities? Listen to this first episode in the new series of podcasts from Jill Sweatman.

A Generation of Firsts – An Uncomfortable Truth

Ghost sitting on chair in empty room. Photograph by kind permission of Corey McAloon. Instagram: coreymcaloon

What is the Generation of Firsts and how has it evolved in today’s time poor world? Is your child a part of this generation? In this revealing interview, Jill Sweatman comments on three significant health, family and social issues that are affecting the potential lifespan of our children. You will hear: why our children are…   read more >

What do the Tech Gurus know that we don’t?

Blue man with barcode on forehead

A great deal it would seem. In this illuminating interview Jill Sweatman talks about the disciplines and family considerations the technology gurus impose on their families, for good reason.  Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Chris Anderson and Evan Williams make a firm statement within their own families. You will hear: what these tech giants encourage and…   read more >

How Devices are Affecting Learning

Little boy reading electronic book sitting in arm chair

How Devices Are Affecting Learning Are you concerned about your children’s over-use of phones, iPads and technology in general? In this interesting interview, Jill Sweatman shares one of the significant aspects of communication and learning that has been affected by the ubiquitous use of technology, especially our compulsion for screen devices. You will hear: how…   read more >

Restoring Community in the Home

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Restoring Community in the Home Are you concerned about the breakdown of community within your family home? Listen to this informative interview with Jill Sweatman as she shares some of the critical elements that have fragmented the sense of community within the modern home. You will hear : what happens when we are cocooned geographically…   read more >