Could video games be adding to the problem?


Could video games be adding to the problem?

You wouldn’t let your child smoke cigarettes if they were younger than eighteen-years-old, so why would you let them play video games that are R18+ restricted? Jill joins 6PR’s Karl Callaghan to talk about some concerns in research results from the UK and what that could mean for us here in Australia.

Radio interview: Are in-game purchases creating gambling addictions in children?

A report out of the UK shows betting is being normalised through gaming. Radio 6PR’s Karl O’Callaghan spoke to Jill about his own experience with his kids playing games such as Fortnite and Black Ops. She posed the question, “how long do you want your children immersed in violence?”

Today Tonight interview: Parents ignoring the warnings of too much screen time

Jill Sweatman interviewed by Jesse Gilmore for Today Tonight, aired August 20, 2019. We often hear that too much screen time is bad for children, but the latest research shows parents are ignoring the warnings. One Aussie mum admits allowing her son too much screen time has created a monster, but hopes her honesty will…   read more >