Cultural Due Diligence Part One – The Secret To Success


Cultural Due Diligence Part One – The Secret To Success

For a truly successful merger to take place, each company must first devolve in order to evolve. The problem: Four out of every five mergers and acquisitions (M&As) fail to achieve their financial or strategic objectives. The Solution: Commit to ‘get it right’, the first time. And that means the people, not just the numbers.…   read more >

Cultural Due Diligence Part Two – Window into the ‘How’

Organisations that are truly successful in enlisting the lasting support of their people are those that genuinely listen to their staff. Really listen, that is. One of the most cost effective yet powerful means of engaging every individual in the cultural change process is to conduct Service-Wide Discussions. Known also as Focus Groups, but with…   read more >

Cultural Due Diligence Part Three – The ‘How’

The “How” of Cultural Due Diligence In conducting Service-wide Discussions, there is set of guidelines that need to be adhered. Rule #1 – Employ an External Facilitator. Choose a professional facilitator you can trust by reputation to do the right job, the right way, the first time. If you don’t create the budget, you risk…   read more >

Start By Changing Your Thinking

Start By Changing Your Thinking Somebody once said, “You can’t make an omelette without first breaking a few eggs.” How true. Constructive damage to the status quo is essential if we want our merger, acquisition, restructure, or even our innovation or customer service drive to take hold. We can’t afford to play at the margins.…   read more >

Team Player or Team Slayer

Man blowing fire in a warehouse

Team Player Or Team Slayer? Beware. Some of the people on your team may be holding you back. Ask this tough question. You may be surprised at the answer. Organisational change can be planned and executed elegantly and diligently. Yet the momentum may never seem to get off the ground. Often, this is due to…   read more >


My keen appreciation of how learning occurs and my particular knowledge of how the brain works enable me to achieve results beyond the superficial. These benefits are reflected in a myriad of other areas of a learner’s life, whether adult or young person. Conventional wisdom, I believe, is often a limitation. Willing to go beyond,…   read more >