Is it too easy to blame Generation Y


Is it too easy to blame Generation Y

Is it too easy to blame Generation Y? Perhaps. Here’s why. A Younger Generation engaging their Essence, saving us from our Ego! Boy 16 knifes and kills 17 year old on train. Hoons goad police with vanity videos. Female party goers increase drug abuse. It’s all too easy to blanket or taint our perception of…   read more >

Exemplary Manners Maketh the Leader

Genuine consideration for another is not an act of compromise but rather a powerful demonstration of our purpose. Being true to our essence. It is a sign of substantiated strength and identifiable sophistication. A departure from mere ego into wisdom. The use of considered manners is about our standards and how well we wish to…   read more >

An Act of Trust Creates a Legend

Would you do what it takes to become a World Champion? Learn from an Act of Trust that created a Legend At the age of 18, an unknown burst onto the ballroom dance scene by making the Final of the keenly watched Amateur event at the most prestigious ballroom competition in the world. The famed…   read more >

Customers Or Culture – What Comes First?

Question: How many of your employees are volunteers? Answer: ALL of them! They volunteer the discretionary effort in every decision they make. That means the choice to perform at a level that will differentiate one organisation from another. Therefore, the environment in which an individual chooses to immerse themselves needs to engender that understanding. Products…   read more >

A Restaurant Dilemma

The maitre d’ – what should he do? It had been a typical frantic Friday lunch with business people celebrating end of the week. One party of four came in at 1.00. All appropriated attired in business suits, the three chaps and one female decided to kick on. They had the restaurant to themselves as…   read more >

Lessons for a Successful Merger or Acquisition by Jill Sweatman

There are some important lessons companies who wish to improve their profits, or simply stay in business, cannot afford to ignore. Especially if they are involved in a merger or acquisition. These lessons were brought sharply into focus recently while I was preparing a company for its float. The organisation had plans to expand rapidly,…   read more >

Cultural Due Diligence Part One – The Secret To Success

For a truly successful merger to take place, each company must first devolve in order to evolve. The problem: Four out of every five mergers and acquisitions (M&As) fail to achieve their financial or strategic objectives. The Solution: Commit to ‘get it right’, the first time. And that means the people, not just the numbers.…   read more >

Cultural Due Diligence Part Two – Window into the ‘How’

Organisations that are truly successful in enlisting the lasting support of their people are those that genuinely listen to their staff. Really listen, that is. One of the most cost effective yet powerful means of engaging every individual in the cultural change process is to conduct Service-Wide Discussions. Known also as Focus Groups, but with…   read more >

Cultural Due Diligence Part Three – The ‘How’

The “How” of Cultural Due Diligence In conducting Service-wide Discussions, there is set of guidelines that need to be adhered. Rule #1 – Employ an External Facilitator. Choose a professional facilitator you can trust by reputation to do the right job, the right way, the first time. If you don’t create the budget, you risk…   read more >

Start By Changing Your Thinking

Start By Changing Your Thinking Somebody once said, “You can’t make an omelette without first breaking a few eggs.” How true. Constructive damage to the status quo is essential if we want our merger, acquisition, restructure, or even our innovation or customer service drive to take hold. We can’t afford to play at the margins.…   read more >