What do the Tech Gurus know that we don’t? [Podcast]

What do the Tech Gurus know that we don’t? [Podcast]

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A great deal it would seem.

In this illuminating interview Jill Sweatman talks about the disciplines and family considerations the technology gurus impose on their families, for good reason.  Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Chris Anderson and Evan Williams make a firm statement within their own families.

You will hear:

  • what these tech giants encourage and limit within their own families
  • why it is imperative to establish a ‘Healthy Digital Diet’
  • what Dr Philip Tam and Dr Chris Seton say about internet usage within the home
  • why boundaries are imperative for health, family, learning and social concerns

The tech gurus see first what others don’t- and they take their own knowledge seriously.

Is it time we did too?

One Comment on “What do the Tech Gurus know that we don’t? [Podcast]

  1. A great podcast Jill! My goodness, we all wonder about the side effects and damage that devices may be doing to our eye sight and health but assume that it must be ok, especially if all these products have passed tests and are used globally! That is truly shocking to hear that the expert “gurus” know of the dangers and yet continue to promote and sell their products but keep the safety guidelines for their own family’s use! Absolutely shocking!

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