The following outline some of the services offered for particular sectors.

Corporate, Government and Community sectors:

‘My specialty in the business world is smoothing change. I work closely with management to design a corporate culture of willing engaged people who choose to give the best of themselves.’

  • Design and conduct cultural change strategies
  • Design and facilitate workshops in change, customer service and teambuilding
  • Corporate culture needs analysis
  • Executive coaching
  • Employee engagement
  • Talent development

University & Education sectors:

‘My specialty in the education world is helping individuals learn how to learn. I want to give my people an experience of learning – a way of learning they may not receive elsewhere.’

  • Lecture and Research in the fields of neuroscience and learning methods
  • Design and conduct research
  • Lecture in business communication and education methodologies
  • Mentor international and local students
  • Research and write in the field of education and neuroscience
  • Advise on academic and extracurricular activities

Lecture topics include: public speaking & presentation skills, negotiation, international business meeting etiquette, communication profiling, corporate culture, change management, exceptional customer service, leadership and team building