JillEducation starts early. Very early, in fact. Just how early, research is now beginning to clarify and determine more accurately. In many ways, research bravely suggests far earlier than we could imagine, or would like to imagine.

If you are in the business of life, you are in the business of learning. Many of us forget this. Who we are in any context is impacted by our upbringing and our early experiences.

As an education specialist, I am vitally committed to bringing the added dimensions of current research and thinking to all my work.
SweatmanResearch is the arm of my business dedicated to research and writing. We seek to learn from and apply the latest in research on learning. It is critical the work we do is underpinned with solid research which explores the essence of what true learning entails throughout our entire lives. That learning is relevant to behaviour whether in an elaborate boardroom, an operating theatre, training in a gym or to conversation around the kitchen table.

Currently, I am writing a book on learning how to learn, with an emphasis on the home environment. Please don’t be impressed. It is tough work deciding where the research stops and the writing begins. A determined fire that demands to be fed is my impetus.

Any person who has dialogue with another, has influence. The quality and power of that influence can be enriched and directed with intention and integrity. That influence can be for the benefit of any child, young person or adult.


Welcome to Sweatman Research and the ‘Learning at Home Questionnaire’. Jill Sweatman is researching material for collation and analysis regarding diverse learning environments in the domestic household setting.

You are invited to participate and share your ideas with the confidence that your input will be anonymous. Your responses will be used in the statistical analysis attached to this research.

The purpose of this survey is to provide research data to families and educators. This material will offer insights about a range of suitable learning environments for children and young people at home.

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