Meet Jill Sweatman:

Meet Jill Sweatman:

Hullo and welcome.

jill_picI remain one of the very few business educators who has studied at the Disney University in Orlando, Florida and consulted with MacDonald’s at…believe it or not…Hamburger University in Chicago, Illinois.

With my experiences as an international speaker and facilitator, I bring dimensions to collaboration and designing strategies that identify the real issues. The concerns which need to be addressed are not just the ones we think we want to know. Courageous and diplomatic, I’m prepared to reveal the unsaid. Handling the complex and the sensitive necessitates my work is conducted with dignity and respect.

Facilitating leadership programs for women in Saudi Arabia remains one of the highlights of my international assignments. I have often needed to teach and challenge without unravelling the fine fabric of the host country’s cultural environment. Such sensitivities are present in all workplaces. They must be acknowledged for true learning to be embedded. These notable projects provide me a deeper understanding of human interaction. They give me the license and latitude to create authentic results.

My previous years as a teacher taught me patience. Lots of it, along with a great appreciation of learning. I have developed a tolerance and respectful commitment to the learner. Their unique style is nurtured in a caring environment. It is this learning climate of calm and acceptance, along with a weighty dose of good humour, which contributes greatly to my success. I understand that when emotion meets learning, retention is enhanced.

My keen appreciation of how learning occurs and my particular knowledge of how the brain works enable me to achieve results beyond the superficial. These benefits are reflected in a myriad of other areas of a learner’s life, whether adult or young person.

Conventional wisdom is often a limitation. I’m willing to go beyond and bring insights gathered from direct experience and extensive research. Blending expert business and educational strategies to learning environments that create deep learning is part of my company’s reputation.

salsaMy commitment to the discipline of learning is refuelled each week. My partner and I take lessons with our world champion ballroom dancing teachers. We are constantly reminded that good humour coupled with genuine affection contribute immeasurably to the learning process. Perfect practise makes perfect. I’m still working on that perfection. My ballroom dancing practice keeps me humble, knowing what effort is devoted to excellence.

I am a master trainer for a UK based leadership executive coaching program, Lifestyle Architecture. In addition, my colleague, Aldo Grech, and I are co-founders and designers of the leadership program Ego to Essence (E2E).

Over my career I have held leadership positions in a variety of professional associations including the Australian Customer Service Association. One of my greatest privileges was inclusion to a Group Study Exchange to Pennsylvania, USA with Rotary International. That launched my inspiration to change careers to become a speaker and business owner.

The Institute of Learning Professionals and the Society of Petroleum Engineers are just two of the professional bodies with whom I am a member.

My academic qualifications include education and post graduate studies in communication management, specialising in public relations and organisational change. I have certification from the PACT Institute in US. Currently, I am studying neuroscience from a range of international leaders.

In essence, education is my greatest love. It is what I do.

Feel free to contact me at any time. I may be on a dance floor, but I will return your call.