What do the Tech Gurus know that we don’t? [Podcast]


What do the Tech Gurus know that we don’t? [Podcast]

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A great deal it would seem. In this illuminating interview Jill Sweatman talks about the disciplines and family considerations the technology gurus impose on their families, for good reason.  Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Chris Anderson and Evan Williams make a firm statement within their own families. You will hear: what these tech giants encourage and […]

How Devices are Affecting Learning [Podcast]

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How Devices Are Affecting Learning Are you concerned about your children’s over-use of phones, iPads and technology in general? In this interesting interview, Jill Sweatman shares one of the significant aspects of communication and learning that has been affected by the ubiquitous use of technology, especially our compulsion for screen devices. You will hear: how […]

3 ways to use Neuroscience to put POWER back into PowerPoint presentations

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Did you know PowerPoint has two capital P’s for a reason? They stand for ‘Perfect Preparation’ for a potent, powerful presentation. We have all sat through what may feel like a lifetime of laborious PowerPoint presentations often wishing we were somewhere else. Attention wanes within the first few minutes. We are already happily distracted, perhaps […]

Restoring Community in the Home [Podcast]

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Restoring Community in the Home Are you concerned about the breakdown of community within your family home? Listen to this informative interview with Jill Sweatman as she shares some of the critical elements that have fragmented the sense of community within the modern home. You will hear : what happens when we are cocooned geographically […]

What happens to your brain when you present to an audience?

A Neuroscience Perspective on Giving Presentations. Knowing even a little about the brain will help your presentations, even if you are scared. And that, by the way, is perfectly natural. The brain loves a challenge. The brain loves novel and new experiences. The brain loves social interaction, especially face to face. So, based on these […]

Plummeting Oil Price – What can we learn from tough times ?

The current oil price situation is not a new phenomenon for the oil and gas industry. We know that.  Yet, one of our primary challenges lies in how we think in tough times. It is that which will make the difference. Thinking short term is seldom a good option. Regarding problems without seeing opportunity is […]

7 Secrets to Successful Presentations for Engineers and Technical Brains

Do presentation skills still matter for engineers and technical brains? Evidently so. Recently, one of the world’s largest petroleum companies, Saudi Aramco was on a quest for new talent and this time they decided to try a unique strategy for Aramco. In fact, in order to drill for this new talent within their own vast […]

Advice to my students graduating from university

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Wouldn’t it be a perfect world if every student graduated from university and progressed straight to a fantastic job? Yet in this brave new world with retrenchments, downsizing and business failures, are there even enough jobs available today for every university student who graduated last year? Unfortunately, the answer is no – and this is […]

Better Decision Making in an Ever More Complex World – ADIPEC 2015

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Jill presented a technical workshop at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC) held in Abu Dhabi in November 2015. The theme of the conference was Innovation and Sustainability in a New Energy World. ADIPEC is now the world’s largest oil and gas exhibition with over 2,000 exhibitors and plays host to 85,000 […]

The Secret To Success

The Key To Success for Mergers And Acquisitions – Cultural Due Diligence   Before the ink dries on any agreement is the right time to start planning your cultural integration. This alone will set a path for a successful merger or acquisition. According to a 2013 Annual Bloomberg report,  global M&A activity totalled USD $ […]