What Makes Online Games so Addictive? [Podcast]


What Makes Online Games so Addictive? [Podcast]

A boy sitting at a table using an iPad

What Makes Online Games so Addictive? How does the brain react to problematic online gaming use? Is this an epidemic? Follow the $$$ What are some of the elements of compulsion we need to pay attention? What can we do at a time when it matters? Listen below as Jill discusses the crux of the issue.

Fortnite the Video Game – What is All the Fuss About? [Podcast]

A young man holding a video game controller, lit only by the blue hue of a video game screen

Fortnite the Video Game – What is All the Fuss About? What is the real game being played? Looks harmless – but is it? What is happening in the homes of too many families? What is the ‘silent’ addiction? What are some of the early signs of concern for parents? What can parents do? Following […]

What does an enhanced Online Community look like? [Podcast]

A young man sitting on a couch intensely engaged with his laptop

What does an enhanced Online Community look like? Who really has control of your willpower? What is fraying the fabric of many families? What could be getting in the way of ‘deep learning’? What ethics and values are not to be compromised on your moral compass? Listen to Jill’s latest podcast to understand the issue.

Are We Still Celebrating Optimism & Change Online? [Podcast]

Someone unseen, typing on a laptop

Are We Still Celebrating Optimism & Change Online? What happened to the good intentions of the internet? What are the business models that drive compulsion? Comments on Tristan Harris and Yuval Harari and their views on our future.

Do you recognise we are living in a huge uncontrolled experiment?

Man blowing fire in a warehouse

One which may be having adverse effects on the structure of the brain. It is imperative that we become aware of the signs and changes in our thinking and behaviours to mitigate potential concerns, before irreversible damage is done. These changes become even more critical in our children. Science is proving that the result of […]

Do you really know the hidden cost of video games?

Blue brain & motherboard

Are video games just that, games? Are online games, like Fortnite, ‘just kids having fun’? Is the World Health Organisation being dramatic declaring video gaming as a mental health disorder in June 2018? And can we afford to dismiss this compulsion to game on-line as ‘just a phase’? On the eve of 60 Minutes going […]

The Impact of Devices, Distractions & Diet in the Classroom

Brain with a brightly coloured right hemisphere and a left hemisphere covered in numbers

On 8th November 2018 I will be sharing my latest research on neuroscience and its affects on learning and well being in my new program “The Impact of Devices, Distractions & Diet in the Classroom”. I will be conducting this full day program for Independent Schools Victoria for interested educators and other professionals. The night before, […]

Children at risk: 60 Minutes Australia special

Jill Sweatman appears on 60 Minutes

On 60 Minutes on September 2 I was interviewed about what is really happening in the minds of our children who are addicted to gaming. This topic is of critical importance in so many homes across the globe. Congratulations to 60 MINUTES for their highly professional efforts to bring gravity to what is sometimes termed, ‘the silent […]

Choices – Are you making the right technological choices for yourself and your family?

We do not have wifi. Please talk to each other like it's 1995

We are living in an environment of unprecedented technological and cultural change compounded by soaring multimedia use and rapid transfer of information. Living in the digital age, we don’t yet know the long term impacts of high screen usage. But we do know the short term impacts. Many of these affect families globally with the […]

A Generation of Firsts – An Uncomfortable Truth [Podcast]

Ghost sitting on chair in empty room. Photograph by kind permission of Corey McAloon. Instagram: coreymcaloon

What is the Generation of Firsts and how has it evolved in today’s time poor world? Is your child a part of this generation? In this revealing interview, Jill Sweatman comments on three significant health, family and social issues that are affecting the potential lifespan of our children. You will hear: why our children are […]