I am a Neuroscience Strategist in Learning and Development who researches, educates and consults in enhancing the use of positive technology, corporate culture and family and employee relations.

I also work at the coalface with young people and their parents integrating cutting edge research into increasing effectiveness in strategic decision-making, and heightened learning for greater success and impact whilst returning community into family life. My 20+ year practice incorporates my passion for applying neuroscience in strategic and interpersonal education and business contexts.

Please know that I am accessible. Having worked and lectured in over a dozen countries with every size and sector of industry, I’ve learnt the importance of direct communication with real people. I have a great appreciation for other cultures and the high value of being direct among those who wish to learn.

My passion is neuro-science and understanding the brain, how it works and most recently the impact that excessive use of technology and gaming has on young brains in their formative years. This can result in potentially fractured family environments when one or both parents are working full time. I pride myself on being able to work closely with teenagers and families to give them tools to ensure harmony in the house, not discord and unlimited gaming.

My business is education. Education of individuals and groups in a range of settings. In the corporate world my focus is changing behaviours through making the process of change smoother. Working with people to change a culture will be the greatest advantage in growing a business. Within families change is a time of growth. My clients use me to ensure they benefit from the change.

I encourage you to contact me with any question you may have to support you, your business or educate your people. Find out more.


Jill Sweatman on 60 minutes banner


Children at risk: 60 Minutes Australia special As a board member for the Network for Internet Investigation and Research Australia, Jill was invited to participate in 60 Minutes’ feature on the rise of gaming addiction in children. See Jill’s other media appearances.

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